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Senior Data Scientist



Data Science
Paris, France
Posted on Wednesday, March 9, 2022
Our mission? Making day-to-day banking easier for SMEs and freelancers thanks to an online business account that's combined with invoicing, bookkeeping and spend management tools. Thanks to its innovative product, highly reactive 24/7 customer support and clear pricing, Qonto has become the leader in its market.
Our journey: Founded by Alexandre and Steve in July 2017, Qonto has rapidly gained trust, serving over 500,000 customers. Thanks to our wonderful team of 1,600+ Qontoers, we also made it to the LinkedIn Top Companies French ranking!
Our values:
Customer focus | Prioritize customers in everything you do
Ownership | Own your part, get things done
Teamwork | Make (team)work easy
Mastery | Continuously raise the bar
Integrity | Always do what’s right, and respect people
Our beliefs: At Qonto, we're committed to fostering a welcoming environment where everyone can thrive. We prioritize evaluating applicants based solely on skills and potential, ensuring diversity with 50% international team members, 44% women, and 20% parents. Join us in building a workplace that celebrates diversity and individuality.
To achieve Qonto's ambitious goals, we created the Data team, responsible for overseeing data analysis, engineering, and science. In three years, our data department has grown from 5 to 50 people, and we continue expanding! You will work closely with Marianne, our Head of Data Science, and join a team of half a dozen Senior Data Scientists.
👩‍💻🧑‍💻 As a Senior Data Scientist-Analytics at Qonto, you will exhibit a strong business acumen to deliver impactful recommendations:
-Strategic Partnership: Collaborate closely with key stakeholders across various teams, becoming an indispensable ally in their quest for data-driven excellence. Your ability to challenge norms and present persuasive insights will drive our mission forward.
-Communication Mastery: Articulate complex data insights into compelling narratives. Whether through engaging slide decks or detailed Notion pages, your stories will inspire action and foster a culture of informed decision-making.
-Lead By Example: Spearhead data investigations with finesse. From extracting vital information using SQL to designing and monitoring experiments (A/B tests, GeoTests), your leadership will guide our approach to understanding and leveraging data.
Experiment Protocols & Models - The Core of Our Mission:
-Experiment Protocols: Engage in meticulously designed experiment protocols ranging from 2-3 months, encompassing all stages from design to analysis. Your work will directly contribute to strategic decisions, such as evaluating new pricing strategies through controlled experiments or assessing marketing impacts via geo tests.
-Models: Develop and refine models that predict and interpret complex data scenarios, from forecasting Qonto’s interchange revenues to estimating client churn probabilities. These models are the backbone of our strategic planning and decision-making processes.
Your Toolkit:
-Leverage advanced tools and languages such as R/Python and Metabase to analyze data, apply statistical models, and extract actionable insights.
-Utilize your deep understanding of Statistics, Econometrics, and Machine Learning to navigate through data with precision, from simple linear regressions to complex NLP models.
Consulting & Beyond:
Beyond projects, offer your expertise in a consulting capacity to support our teams and C-levels on demand. Your quick, impactful interventions will help steer immediate decisions and strategies.
🔥 See examples of key projects you may work on
-Refining pricing strategies
-Optimizing marketing spends
-Enhancing customer retention
-Identifying new growth levers
-Improving the Qonto product experience
-Reducing operational waste
🚀 What you can expect
-Join Qonto who is winning SME banking in Europe. Qonto is on track to power one million SMEs in 2025
-Qonto is highly data-driven and our different business stakeholders are also thriving in that direction
-Enjoy the synergy between data science (DS) and Business teams, fully aligned with Qonto’s vision, ensuring your work has both impact and visibility
-Work within a team that not only possesses great technical knowledge but also comes from various backgrounds, bringing a rich diversity of skills to the table
-Leverage our values and culture of continuous improvement to amplify your impact. We foster a strong culture of knowledge-sharing practices.
-Our data teams are part of our Tech team, granting us easy access to our infrastructures while also supporting teamwork
🤝 Your Future Manager
Your Future Manager will be Marianne, Head of Data Science
Her background?
After her experience in famous tech organizations where she managed Data Science teams in the Finance department, Marianne joined Qonto 2 years ago to build our Data Science team!
What does she bring to the team?
As an expert in her field, she has hands-on experience in implementing Data Science models to serve cross-functional teams and deliver actionable insights. Marianne also has a true passion for mentoring and coaching the team.
🏅About You
Expertise: You possess significant expertise in data science and analytics, aimed at enhancing strategic business decisions
Mastery: You are capable of independently collecting data using SQL, proficient in exploratory analysis with R or Python, and mastering statistical and econometric tools.
Simplicity and Customer Obsession: You are driven to solve high-impact business challenges and are committed to delivering solutions that create significant business value
Communication: You enjoy collaborating with business teams and possess effective communication skills, enabling you to build alignment and clearly articulate purpose
Language: You are fluent in English.
At Qonto we understand that true diversity isn't just about ticking boxes on a hiring checklist. Apply regardless of the boxes you tick! Who knows? You may have the missing piece of the puzzle we've been searching for all along.
🎁 Perks
A tailor-made and dynamic career track. An inclusive work environment. And so much more to help you succeed.
- Offices in Paris, Berlin, Milan, Barcelona, and Belgrade;
- Tailor-made remote work policy depending on the job you apply for and where you live;
- Competitive salary package;
- A meal voucher;
- Public transportation reimbursement (part or global);
- A great health insurance (depending on the country);
- Employee well-being initiatives: access to Moka Care to take care of your mental health and great offers for sports and wellness activities;
- A progressive disability, and parenthood policy as part of our commitment to the Parental Act (1 in 6 of Qonto employees is a parent!) and childcare benefits with selected partners;
- Monthly team events.
💪 Our hiring process:
- Interviews with your Talent Acquisition Manager and future managers
- A remote exercise to demonstrate your skills and give you a taste of what working at Qonto could be like
We will send you an interview guide so you can best prepare yourself.
On average, our process lasts 20 working days and offers usually follow within 48 hours 🤞
To learn more about us:
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