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Payments Operations Principal



Copenhagen, Denmark · London, UK · Berlin, Germany · Stockholm, Sweden · Madrid, Spain · Lisbon, Portugal · Madrid, Spain · Stockholm, Sweden · Lisbon, Portugal · Berlin, Germany
Posted on Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Are you passionate about payments? Are you excited about providing customers with the best possible experience while performing payments? Does optimising operations and processes for peak efficiency interest you? And do you know how to best communicate with incumbent banks and Fintechs alike? And no, we do not mean over the counter cash payments. Cash is old school. Manual expense reports suck.

At Pleo we are building the future of work, a more trusting, progressive and fun work environment that allows employees to fully focus on their actual job. To achieve this mission we aim to build products that in time will make terms like cash & manual superfluous.

So who are we? And how will we be able to offer this to our customers? Yes, you guessed it right. The newly formed Payments & Partnership team is making sure that all of our transactions are happening smoothly, reliable and seemingly magically automated.

Some like to say, we are the hidden champions of the “ease of use” feeling of our products. To ensure this ease and stability we are working closely with our banking and financial services partners around the world such as our payment processor and card acquirer. We are striving to make sure that our partnerships offer real synergies that create win-win situations for both parties.

At Pleo we have, no doubt, been working on our payments offering with our partners since day one.

However, just before our Series C fundraising, that got us to unicorn status, we decided to create a fully dedicated Payment Partnerships & Investigations team. We decided to do so, to ensure we keep delivering wow moments for our customers and run a viable business.

As a Payments Operations Principal in the team, you play a pivotal role in ensuring that the Payments Platform Group delivers on its core mission:

“Ensure all Pleo customers have a smooth and safe payment experience”

In support of this mission, we are seeking a dedicated Payments Operations Principal. This role will require you to oversee the payment process, manage relationships with key financial partners and stakeholders, and proactively handle payment operations to avoid disruptions and ensure efficiency and accuracy of Pleo’s payment operations.

It is still early days for the team, which means that there is lots of room to grow and expand in this role. Currently our team consists of a set of lovely, ambitious and diverse colleagues coming from different walks of life such as Consulting, Business Development, Strategy and Banking What brings the team together is the love and curiosity for Payments combined with a deep desire to find new solutions to old problems.

As the team matures and expands it is likely that the responsibilities of this role will adapt, expand or change. You should see this as an exciting opportunity, which will need some flexibility considering responsibilities along the way.

To be successful and support our hyper growth journey we will put substantial strain on the payment offering we have in Pleo and the partners needed to enable this. In particular, we are looking into a year where we will

Working with our financial service partners, and if needed integrate with additional partners to ensure …

  • … we can scale our offering scales across all of Europe and in a new region
  • … we can handle all payment types (e.g., direct debits, subscription cards, credit offering)
  • … we have the redundancies needed to run a scalable business in the short and long term
  • … we are building relationships with partners and leveraging them to create true win-win/synergistic relationships

Working with product, operational, and other Pleo teams (e.g., legal, finance) in maturing and implementing our partner model to ensure …

  • … we bring the best our current and future partners have to offer to the table
  • … we continue to “punch above our weight” with our partners and are their top priority
  • … we continue to innovate and drive the thought leadership agenda on Fintech and payments

Here are some of the things you will be responsible for:

Overseeing and ensuring smooth payments and transaction processing for our customers

  • … oversee and manage the processing of all types of payments, ensuring Pleo delivers the highest degree of accuracy and efficiency possible
  • … investigating and resolving payment discrepancies and errors, implementing corrective actions as necessary to prevent reoccurrence
  • … communicate with our financial partners (banks, FinTechs, card schemes, …) regarding operational matters
  • … ensuring compliance with relevant regulatory requirements and internal policies related to payment processing.

Help build out, implement and iterate on our partner management framework to ensure…

  • …collaboration with our partners to ensure they deliver on the features that we use for efficient payments operations

  • Work with partners to find new and innovative ways of using their offeringto improve Pleo’s product and solve customer problems
  • Work with partners in managing the payment operations, including anticipating, mitigating and solving errors to ensure the highest level of payment efficiency and accuracy.
  • …we proactively manage our partnership to improve payment processes, and avoid being slowed down by their internal workflows and processes

Play an active role in seeking out and signing new financial services partners to ensure…

  • …the enablement of innovation at speed for all teams in Pleo
  • …that we abstract away the complexity inherent in Banking and Payments infrastructures and topics
  • …help us avoid that the implementation of new partnerships will become a bottleneck for our organisation to deliver customer value
  • …help introduce redundancies and optionality across our partnerships

Delivery of key projects with external financial services partners supported by internal subject matter experts.

Help drive Pleo’s thought leadership agenda around Payments incl.:

  • Working with the team to educate the broader organization on payment specific topics
  • Creating educational material and host payment sessions for new joiners and in depth sessions when relevant stakeholders (e.g., for PMs, compliance team etc.)
  • Keeping up to date on market developments and opportunities
  • Engaging with existing partners to discuss their Payments strategy and roadmap

We think you can be successful in this role if you bring these capabilities with you:

  • You bring a deep enthusiasm for enhancing payment operations, with a drive to optimise and streamline processes for greater efficiency and accuracy.
  • You have hands-on experience in payment operations, and you're familiar with troubleshooting payment-related issues and discrepancies.
  • When things go wrong, you're adept at digging into the details, identifying the root cause, and implementing effective solutions.
  • You are as excited about ISO20022, SWIFTgpi, and Request to Pay as we are
  • Our ideal candidate has experience working with either international payments, cash management, SWIFT and/or domestic clearing and settlement systems
  • You have seen both sides of the playing field and worked with both incumbent Financial Institutions and Fintechs
  • You are capable at communicating at the right level for others to engage, e.g., knowing when to share all the wonderful payment details and when to just focus on the main implications

What your colleagues say about you:

  • You are biased to action - you love getting things done
  • You don’t mind challenging the status quo and you’re good at zooming in on the details while not losing sight of the holistic view
  • You are easy to work with and a person they would also enjoy having a coffee with (virtual or not)
  • You are relatable, personable and a genuinely nice person
  • You are naturally curious and always want to know exactly how stuff really works

Show me the benefits!

  • Your own Pleo card (no more out-of-pocket spending)
  • Flexible working remote options for those onsite (just speak to your team)
  • Sponsored lunch

And here are some other nice gestures that we do

  • Amazing HQ where we value a great working environment (real barista coffee so you don’t have to go to a coffee shop, friday bars - we are in Denmark after all -, amazing lounge areas, rooftop terrace in the summer, among other things)
  • Loads of weird and wonderful niche communities to join in the company (we're talking guerrilla gardening, liquids tasting, the Pleo band, learning to code initiatives, that type of thing)
  • Wild enthusiasm and encouragement from us if you want to host MeetUps, events, etc - we'll help (venue, food etc.)


Why join us?

Working at Pleo means you're working on something very exciting: the future of work. Our mission is to help every company go beyond the books. Pleo itself means ‘more than you’d expect’, and it’s been the secret to our success over the last 8 years. So it’s only fitting that we’d pass this philosophy onto our customers to help them make the most of their finances.

We think company spending should be delegated to all employees and teams, that it should be as automated as possible, and that it should drive a culture of responsible spending. Finance teams shouldn’t be siloed from the rest of the organisation – they should work in unity with marketing, sales, IT and everyone else.

Speaking of working in unity, our values tell the story of how we work at Pleo. We have four core values, the first of which is ‘champion the customer’, which means we address real pain points that businesses face. Next up is ‘succeed as a team’, which highlights how our strength lies in our diversity and trust in each other. We also ‘make it happen’ by taking bold decisions and following through to deliver results. Last but not least, we ‘build to scale’, creating lasting solutions that address today’s challenges and anticipate tomorrow’s needs.

So, in a nutshell, that's Pleo. Today we are a 850+ team, from over 100 nations, sitting in our Copenhagen HQ, London, Stockholm, Berlin, Madrid, Montreal and Lisbon offices —and quite a few full-time remotes in 35 other countries! Being HQ'd out of Copenhagen means we're inspired by things like a good work-life balance. If you don't work in the office with us, we'll help you set up the best remote setup possible and make sure you still have time to connect with your team.

About your application

  • Please submit your application in English; it’s our company language so you’ll be speaking lots of it if you join 💕
  • We treat all candidates equally: If you are interested please apply through our application system - any correspondence should come from there! Our lovely support isn't able to pass on any calls/ emails our way - and this makes sure that the candidate experience is smooth and fair to everyone 😊
  • We’re on a mission to make everyone feel valued at work. That’s only achievable if our team reflects the diversity of the world around us - and that starts with you, hitting apply, even if you are worried you might not tick all the boxes! We embrace and encourage people from all backgrounds to apply - regardless of race/ethnicity, colour, religion, nationality, gender, sex, sexual orientation, age, marital status, disability, neurodiversity, socio-economic status, culture or beliefs.
  • When you submit an application we process your personal data as a data processor. Find out more about how your data is used in the FAQs section at the bottom of our jobs page.