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Incident Response Engineer



Amsterdam, Netherlands
Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024

Your opportunity

As Mollie continues to expand rapidly, the demand for high availability and expert management of operational issues becomes increasingly important. To fuel our continued growth, we're seeking an Incident Response Engineer to help ensure our operations scale effectively and efficiently.

The Incident Management team triages operational issues which impact the use of Mollie products and services by both our customers as well as our internal teams. This encompasses various types of incidents, from assisting our merchant tech support team with single merchants struggling with API issues to full-scale platform outages.

Our team is as diverse as the challenges we face. We come from various backgrounds, have different skill levels, and we each bring our unique strengths to the table. What unites us is our shared curiosity and our commitment to constantly improve. In this role, you'll handle tasks on your own and also collaborate on larger projects, working closely with colleagues across various departments.

What you’ll be doing

  • Facilitating and Supporting Teams with Product-related Operational Issues: Operational issues are defined as situations that impact the usability of Mollie products and surrounding services (e-commerce plugins, SAAS middlewares, etc.) for our merchants or teams. In this role, you'll address technical queries, troubleshoot and triage bugs, as well as intake feature requests.

  • Preventing Operational Incidents: The best way to handle an operational issue is to prevent it from happening in the first place. You'll be involved in, or lead, projects aimed at preventing and improving the handling of these issues. This could include everything from drafting documentation and runbooks, to constructing test environments and relevant tooling.

  • Communicating and Coordinating with Stakeholders during Operational Incidents: During operational incidents, clear and timely communication with all stakeholders is critical to effectively mitigate impact. As a valued member of our Incident Management team, you'll participate in an on-call rotation. This duty, which cycles approximately every six weeks, requires you to be on standby 24/7 for one week at a time to respond promptly to any incidents. During these periods, you may be the first responder to certain incidents and will be primarily responsible for internal and external communication. Please note, your on-call responsibilities will only apply during your designated on-call weeks, for which you will receive additional compensation.

What you’ll bring

  • A Self-Improvement Ethos: You're always keen on developing yourself and acquiring the necessary skills to excel in your role.

  • Analytical and Troubleshooting Abilities: You have a proven track record of applying analytical thinking and effective problem-solving skills.

  • Self-Driven: Given the specialised nature of our team, we need someone who is self-motivated and can work independently with minimal supervision.

  • High-Pressure Performance: You're able to stay calm and focused in high-pressure, time-sensitive situations.

  • Excellent English Communication Skills: You can distill complex technical issues into easy-to-understand messages for diverse audiences.

  • Understanding of Object-Oriented Programming Principles & Development Cycles: You have a solid grasp of these key software development concepts.

  • On-call Availability: You are willing to participate in a 24/7 on-call rotation approximately once every six weeks.

  • Experience with APIs: You have prior experience working with APIs, especially Mollie's.

  • Stakeholder Management Skills: You have demonstrated the ability to collaborate effectively with multi-functional teams across all levels of the organisation.

  • Valuable Additional Experience: We consider the following as valuable additions to your skill set:

    • ITIL certification

    • Experience with Docker

    • Familiarity with databases such as MySQL, MariaDB

    • Knowledge of Webshop Technologies

    • Hands-on experience with cloud projects, especially on the Google Cloud Platform

    • A background in working within an agile environment