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People & HR
Helsinki, Finland
Posted on Tuesday, September 12, 2023

About AlphaSense:

AlphaSense is the leading market intelligence and search platform. Since 2011, our AI-based technology has helped professionals make smarter business decisions by delivering insights from an extensive universe of public and private content—including company filings, event transcripts, news, trade journals, and equity research. Our platform is trusted by over 1,800 enterprise customers, including a majority of the S&P 500. Headquartered in New York City, AlphaSense employs over 1200 people across offices in the U.S., U.K., Finland.

Our Helsinki team consists of 90 tech professionals; +25 different nationalities. We pride ourselves on being client-focused and collaborative, on the pioneering edge of technology. We also have fun. Whether it’s office happy hours, team outings, or game nights, we believe in working with people we like to hang out with.

Ideal candidate traits

If you identify as a team player and you are humble, hungry, and smart with Sisu — we would love to get to know you. We believe these qualities to be vital to building a strong, productive, and collaborative work environment, where everyone is committed to achieving common goals and working towards shared success.

We are looking for people who are willing to learn from others, who can put their egos aside and prioritize the needs of the team. You should also be highly motivated, driven to succeed, and always looking for ways to improve. We value emotional intelligence, excellent communication skills, and a collaborative spirit that enables them to build strong relationships with teammates and work effectively towards shared goals.

At AlphaSense we are committed to fostering a work culture that encourages these qualities and values the contributions of team players who exhibit them. We seek to match the ambition of ideal team players by offering opportunities for personal and professional growth, providing the resources and support necessary to achieve their goals, and creating an environment where hard work, dedication, and teamwork are celebrated and rewarded. At AlphaSense we are building teams of ideal players who embody the values of Sisu, driving the company’s success and helping us to create a positive impact on the world.

Technologies that we work with:


ReactJS, TypeScript, Micro Frontends


NodeJS, TypeScript, GraphQL, Java 17, Spring Boot, Python, FastAPI


Java 17, Spring Boot, Python, FastAPI, Kafka

Search and AI

Apache Solr, Elasticsearch, Vector Search, ML, LLM, Pytorch, Tensorflow

Cloud architecture

AWS, GCP, Kubernetes, Crossplane, Argo CD

Quality & reliability

Cypress, Selenium, Selenide, Playwright, Rest Assured, K6, Prometheus, Loki, Grafana

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If you’re looking for a challenge, if you love finding things that need interesting solutions, AlphaSense is a great place to come. It is a place for builders, for people who want to create the next thing.

Want to hear more?

Contact us and let’s figure out together if we can find a common path. Tell us about yourself and your background in your own words.

Our recruitment typically consists of four rounds of interviews where you will meet our team and learn more about working at AlphaSense. You will be given the opportunity to show your skills and ask us questions. The purpose is to get to know each other better.

Any thoughts or questions, please reach out to our TA Manager, Priyanka Sherry on Linkedin or by email; psherry@alpha-sense.com